Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Contact a Skilled Custody & Divorce Attorney in the Buffalo, NY Area

Frank S Ieraci Attorney at Law is a divorce attorney serving the Buffalo, NY area. In addition to being a skilled and trusted divorce attorney, Attorney Ieraci is also a real estate attorney and can also provide legal assistance in several other areas.

If you find yourself needing legal representation, just call us! We can help you and answer any questions you might have.
Practice Areas

Frank S Ieraci Attorney at Law provides professional legal representation for clients throughout the Buffalo, NY area. He practices all areas of personal law, including the following:

Real Estate Attorney Buffalo, NY

Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Ieraci is one of the leading bankruptcy lawyers in the Buffalo, NY area. There are many different courses of action to take when declaring bankruptcy, depending on your circumstances. Our office is well-versed in walking you through the process. We understand how stressful dealing with bankruptcy can be and will answer your questions in a compassionate and judgement-free environment. Contact our bankruptcy attorney today or visit our bankruptcy page to learn more about the process and about services we offer.

Divorce Attorney

Sometimes marriages simply don't work out. Divorce is often a difficult business, especially when there is property or children involved. Tensions can run high, and it helps to have a mediating presence to help get everything settled. Our experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate this difficult time. We understand matters of child custody, property division, and more. We are known as one of the most understanding and compassionate divorce attorneys in the Buffalo, NY area, no matter how tense the situation is. Give our office a call today or visit our divorce and family law  page to learn more.

Custody Attorney

There are a variety of situations in which the custody of a child can be called into question. In the event of a divorce, an adoption, or in cases where a parent can no longer care for their child and wants the other parent or a family member to take over, a knowledgeable custody attorney may be needed. The office of Frank S. Ieraci is well-versed in child custody cases, ranging from divorce cases to grandparent rights. Give our office a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

Probate Attorney

What happens to our estates after we are no longer in a position to make decisions for ourselves? Planning for the future can feel morbid or unbearable, but it has to be done if you want your assets to be divided in the way you wish. An experienced probate attorney can help you make plans for wills, trusts, estate planning, power of attorney, and more. We understand that this topic can be difficult for a variety of reasons, and will explain everything in a calm, complete, and compassionate manner. Give our probate lawyer a call today or visit our wills and trusts page to learn more.

Real Estate Attorney

Having a real estate attorney on hand can be extremely beneficial, whether you're purchasing a new home or a commercial property. We'll review the details of the property and make sure that it's available to be sold, advise you on your mortgage options, and ensure that both parties benefit from the transaction. Give our real estate attorney a call today to learn more about the services we offer, or visit our real estate law page.
Experienced Legal Assistance

With more than 25 years of experience representing clients, Attorney Ieraci understands how difficult and stressful many cases are and does his best to accommodate his clients as much as possible. For all your legal needs, contact Attorney Ieraci today. Call (716) 832-7777 for a free initial consultation!

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