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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce Attorney serving Buffalo, NY

At Frank S Ieraci Attorney at Law, we understand that divorce is not an easy thing to deal with, nor is it always black and white. Divorce Attorney Ieraci has experience helping people through the process of filing for divorce and is well-equipped to assist you in protecting your assets and your parental rights near Buffalo, NY. With 27 years of experience as a divorce attorney, he has the knowledge and expertise to help make the divorce process as simple as possible for his clients.

Divorce Attorney Buffalo, NY

Custody Attorney Buffalo, NY

Experienced Custody Attorney

Filing for a divorce becomes a bit more complicated when children are involved. Attorney Ieraci is an experienced divorce & custody attorney and has successfully litigated child custody as well as visitation and support cases for more than two decades. Our law office will work with you to ensure a positive outcome for you and your children.

Child Protective Proceedings

If a child is found to be physically or mentally abused by one or both of his or her parents, the court reserves the right to remove the child from their home during case proceedings. If the parent or parents are found guilty, the court can establish a treatment plan or terminate a parent’s rights.

If you believe your child or another child is being abused by his or her parent or parents, we can provide assistance. Attorney Ieraci has the necessary experience to assist through the entire petition and summons process. Give us a call today to learn more!

Divorce Attorney Buffalo, NY
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